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The Functional Diagnosis Affiliate Program Links and Percentages

This page will be your constant reference for specific links to all our products and will be the first place you check for links when we roll out new products. Please make sure you bookmark this page for future reference. Please click here to go to our SalesTips page for useful ways to link to our site.


Here are the percentages we pay for both first tier and second tier affiliates. These percentages apply to both regular and sale prices:
(remember a second tier affiliate is someone you recruit that decides to become an affiliate. You get 5% across the board for anything they sell)

15 percent commission

Physical products like printed books, tapes, videos and CD's. Once you have sold 10 products we move you up to 20%. After 30 sales you will become a Super Affiliate and receive the maximum 25% commission.

30 percent commission

All digital products, teleseminars, and live seminar admission fees.


It is highly recommended that you link to a specific product with a specific endorsement of the product if you want to get the most sales. (see the sales tip page for examples) Don't worry, if the person buys something else while they are shopping, you will still get the commission for everything they buy.
For all of the product links you will be using the unique affiliate link plus a specific “tag” that identifies that you want that link to go through to a specific product.

Here is the first part of your link that you will use for all referrals:



Each product below will have a specific code and page you must add to the above link which will send the customer directly to the product you are promoting: it will look something like /cmd.php?af=XXXXXX&u=www.BloodChemistryAnalysis.com


If you wanted to send someone to buy Dr. Weatherby's Blood Chemistry Book, your link would look like this:

That's a pretty long link, I know. It's no problem on a web page because it can be hidden behind "click here" text. We are working on ways for you to make the link short and sweet for use in handouts, business cards, flyers and when you simply tell someone what link to visit.

Here are some links to other programs that will allow you to shorten the link.






Blood Chemistry And CBC Analysis from a Functional Perspective Book
15% Retail commission: $9.75

In-Office Lab Testing- Functional Terrain Analysis E-Book and Quick Reference Guide
30% Retail Commission: $29.10

Signs and Symptoms Analysis from a Functional Perspective
15% Retail commission: $9.75

Complete Physical Exam Reference and Reporting System- Tools for More Effective Charting
15% Retail commission: $9.75

(visit this page to see all our latest diagnostic titles)

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