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E-mail Messages

If you have a newsletter, Ezine, or a customer email/database list, it can be a very powerful way to promote the Functional Diagnosis products. This is a way to really make big referral fees.

You may also want to consider using any lead lists you have compiled from ads you have run or adding a link / recommendation to us on any autoresponders you may have. You can even use us in your signature line when you post to email discussion lists, forums and newsgroups (but remember -- NO SPAM)

Sample letters for your customer database:

"Thank you for purchasing (insert your product here) not too long ago. We appreciate your business. I am emailing you for two reasons. The first is to thank you for your business and the second is to mention something that we thought would be of interest to you . . ." (at this point you put in the appropriate recommendation from below depending on the type of customer you have):

Sample text for Chiropractors

"Your position, expertise and knowledge mean that you could be earning extra income implementing the latest functionally oriented diagnostic techniques. Many DCs pay for their overhead by running in-office labs in their office. You must learn how to run these simple tests to get your share of this extra income. This is the best, most credible site I've ever seen on functionally oriented diagnostic resources Click here to check it out ."

"Did you realize you could pay for your office overhead every month by offering in-office labs to your patients? I know a credible and verifiable expert who has devoted his time and energy to providing some of the best reference resources in functionally oriented diagnostic systems anywhere on the web. Click here to check his site out."

Sample text for Nutritionists and Dieticians

"If you would like to learn how to get more information from the many lab tests your patients are already getting from their Medical Doctors, we highly recommend Dr. Dicken Weatherby, an accomplished Naturopathic physician and international author/speaker. He reveals the tips, tricks and techniques that can earn you income adding functionally oriented lab diagnosis skills to your practice. It is a great resource. Click here to check it out"

"There is extra money to be made in your practice doing in-office lab testing with a low investment and high returns. I know a guy who is credible who has written some of the best reference material in the field of Functional Diagnosis to help practitioners get more from the tests they are already doing and teaches others how to do it to. Click here to check him out."

(Shorter Versions)
"For tips on how to add lab interpretation, analysis and consulting to your practice and make money doing so, click here to check out a great site specializing in cutting-edge diagnostic techniques. They have great resources that could make a big difference to your practice.

Samples text for Naturopaths

"If you would like to learn about a system of diagnostic techniques that will help you uncover the functional, metabolic, and nutritional disorders in your patients that can put money in your pocket, we highly recommend this highly informative and useful diagnostic site. Dicken Weatherby, ND is an accomplished naturopathic physician, international speaker and author. He reveals all the latest tools and techniques in the emerging field of Functional Diagnosis. Click here to check out this great resource."

"Get the cutting-edge tips on how to implement the latest functionally oriented diagnostic techniques into your practice from someone who really knows how to do it. Click here to check it out.”

Sample text for Physicians

"PHYSICIANS- Turn your diagnostic skills into cash. Click here to check out a great professional functionally-oriented diagnostic site. I recommend the site highly. Lots of great tools and techniques."

"If you are sick and tired of telling your patients that their lab tests look normal, we highly recommend that you click here to visit a great site that specializes in teaching physicians functionally oriented diagnostic techniques. Dicken Weatherby, ND, a Naturopathic physician who has trained hundreds of doctors in Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis reveals all his advanced tools and techniques that will take your diagnostic skills to the next level. Finally you will be able to tell your patients exactly what is going on with their health. It is a great resource."

(Shorter Version)
"Wow your patients with your incredible diagnostic skills!. Click here to check out a great Functional Diagnosis site I I recommend the site highly. Lots of great tools and techniques to get more information from your patients using the tests you already run in your office."

In all the examples above it is the personal recommendation that will alone "triple your sales." Remember: The longer the recommendation, the better it will pull.

Or, if you have a guest list of a free service you offer on your website, you could say:

"Thank you for visiting our site and using our Free (insert your free service here). I am emailing you for two reasons. The first is to thank you for stopping by and the second is to mention something that we thought would be of interest to you . . ." (again, at this point you put in the appropriate recommendation from above depending on the type of visitor you have)

If you have a an electronic newsletter or Electronic Magazine (Ezine)

You could say that you are emailing your readers separately from the regular Ezine because you have found something on the net that is worth mentioning and wanted to bring it to their attention. (Then insert a recommendation like the ones above) This approach will, by far, pull in the best response, because it is a personal note separate from the standard newsletter and it will demand attention and urgency.

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