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Thank You Notes and Package Inserts

Print up an inexpensive insert to put in the package whenever you ship a product to one of your customers. This is an extremely effective way to put your personal recommendation in front of people who already are buying from you. It could be part of a "Thank You" note for purchasing. You could say something like:

"Thanks so much for purchasing our new and improved widget. Since we always like to give extra value to our customers we recommend you visit a fantastic site we discovered on the Internet that will really improve your diagnostic skills . . . " (then put an appropriate blurb about the Functional Diagnosis products and the link.)

You don't have to use the exact thank you note above, but it's a good way to lead in to your personal recommendation. And the best part is, this only costs you pennies. The customer has already purchased and probably paid the shipping, so it's a much better deal than doing a separate mailing that, comparatively, would cost a fortune.

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