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Functional Diagnosis Text Ads

People now tend to gloss over banner ads so an "endorsed" text link will probably make you a lot more money.

Endorsed means that you highly recommend us and since your visitors trust your opinion, they are more likely to click through and check us out.

We recommend that you link to us on your main page because of the exposure. Appropriate secondary pages are good too, especially if our products and memberships are complimentary to the text on the page.

Another good place to put affiliate text links is on a "Thank You" page in your shopping cart so you can make even more money from someone after they are LEAVING your site.

It's generally not a great idea to lump tons of affiliate links from different programs together. You probably won't make many sales because it will be confusing to your visitors and you will look like a jack of all trades.

WE CAN'T EMPHASIZE THIS POINT ENOUGH. You must make comments and pick headlines that match the type of visitor you get. In other words don't put a link that says "ATTENTION CHIROPRACTORS" on your site, if you primarily get people interested in nutrition. Even though some of the visitors will be Chiropractors, most won't, and most won't click through your link and you won't get many sales.

If you get both Chiropractors AND people interested in nutrition you could have links that say "Chiropractors click here" and "Nutritionists and Dieticians click here" This would take the people to a separate page just for them where you would slant your endorsement toward Chiropractors on one page and Nutritionists on the other page.

Here is some sample text for each:

Serious Chiropractors that want to take their diagnostic skills to the next level must check out the best site on the Internet that I've ever found on functionally oriented diagnosis. Click here to check it out.


If you want to learn some cutting-edge diagnostic techniques that are designed to help you get more information from your patients using the tests you are already doing in your office, and make more money doing so, you must check out this site. Click here to take a look.


Emphasize what the Functional Diagnosis materials and information have done for you. Anytime you can add a phrase of how it helped you personally, do it. It will mean more referral fees for you!

Your personal recommendation of the Functional Diagnosis products will gain up to 400% more clicks than just a link (that means you triple or quadruple your referral fees!) If you know Dr. Weatherby, you know how powerful his material is and that he should be charging a lot more for it . . .so you can give it your personal recommendation.

Using this method can create huge profits for you and you'll feel great knowing you are recommending a product that has fantastic information and is truly worth every penny. It is a WIN-WIN situation for everyone! It can make you a lot of money and your visitors will be very happy with the Functional Diagnosis products and services .. .They're that good!

To triple and even quadruple (yes, that's quadruple) your referral fees almost overnight, just give MORE exposure to the Functional Diagnosis links WITH a personal recommendation. What we mean is that in every instance where it is appropriate in your site, have a link or recommendation to one of the top-notch Functional Diagnosis products.

You could have a link on your main index page. Here are some examples depending on the nature of the people that visit your site:

Sample text for Chiropractors

"Your position, expertise and knowledge mean that you could be earning extra income implementing the latest functionally oriented diagnostic techniques. Many DCs pay for their overhead by running in-office labs in their office. You must learn how to run these simple tests to get your share of this extra income. This is the best, most credible site I've ever seen on functionally oriented diagnostic resources Click here to check it out ."

"Did you realize you could pay for your office overhead every month by offering in-office labs to your patients? I know a credible and verifiable expert who has devoted his time and energy to providing some of the best reference resources in functionally oriented diagnostic systems anywhere on the web. Click here to check his site out."

Samples for Nutritionists and Dieticians

"If you would like to learn how to get more information from the many lab tests your patients are already getting from their Medical Doctors, we highly recommend Dr. Dicken Weatherby, an accomplished Naturopathic physician and international author/speaker. He reveals the tips, tricks and techniques that can earn you income adding functionally oriented lab diagnosis skills to your practice. It is a great resource. Click here to check it out"

"There is extra money to be made in your practice doing in-office lab testing with a low investment and high returns. I know a guy who is credible who has written some of the best reference material in the field of Functional Diagnosis to help practitioners get more from the tests they are already doing and teaches others how to do it to. Click here to check him out."

(Shorter Versions)
"For tips on how to add lab interpretation, analysis and consulting to your practice and make money doing so, click here to check out a great site specializing in cutting-edge diagnostic techniques. They have great resources that could make a big difference to your practice.

Samples text for Naturopaths

"If you would like to learn about a system of diagnostic techniques that will help you uncover the functional, metabolic, and nutritional disorders in your patients that can put money in your pocket, we highly recommend this highly informative and useful diagnostic site. Dicken Weatherby, ND is an accomplished naturopathic physician, international speaker and author. He reveals all the latest tools and techniques in the emerging field of Functional Diagnosis. Click here to check out this great resource."

"Get the cutting-edge tips on how to implement the latest functionally oriented diagnostic techniques into your practice from someone who really knows how to do it. Click here to check it out.”

Sample text for Physicians

"PHYSICIANS- Turn your diagnostic skills into cash. Click here to check out a great professional functionally-oriented diagnostic site. I recommend the site highly. Lots of great tools and techniques."

"If you are sick and tired of telling your patients that their lab tests look normal, we highly recommend that you click here to visit a great site that specializes in teaching physicians functionally oriented diagnostic techniques. Dicken Weatherby, ND, a Naturopathic physician who has trained hundreds of doctors in Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis reveals all his advanced tools and techniques that will take your diagnostic skills to the next level. Finally you will be able to tell your patients exactly what is going on with their health. It is a great resource."

(Shorter Version)
"Wow your patients with your incredible diagnostic skills!. Click here to check out a great Functional Diagnosis site I I recommend the site highly. Lots of great tools and techniques to get more information from your patients using the tests you already run in your office."

In all the examples above it is the personal recommendation that will alone "triple your sales." Remember: The longer the recommendation, the better it will pull.

Bonus tip:

Use your Refer a Friend Form by logging into your account by clicking on the following link put in your user name and password and you will be logged into your affiliate account. Click on the Refer a Friend link at the top of the page. Use it over and over to tell your friends and colleagues about us. Note: Your Refer a Friend form says we pay 15 percent, but we will pay you a 5% commission on the sales by people who sign up as your affiliate at

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