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Welcome to the Functional Diagnosis Affiliate Program

Hello New Affiliate,

Thank you for becoming an affiliate of Weatherby & Associates, LLC . Our Affiliate Referral Program is rapidly becoming a great success and with a small amount of effort can provide you with a steady source of income while you are sleeping.

PLEASE take the time to read this page and the sales tips page, and bookmark them for future reference. The information and tips will explain exactly how everything works and the different ways to earn referral fees. Taking the time to read everything in its entirety will pay off in the extra referral fees you get by setting everything up *right* the first time.

You will receive your affiliate number (AFID) via e-mail shortly along with your user ID and password. If you do not get it, e-mail support at: and we will e-mail you your affiliate number and pass code. In the mean time, please look over this information carefully so we can start sending you checks!

The link below is used to refer people from your site to ours. YOU MUST PUT YOUR AFFILIATE NUMBER WHERE YOU SEE THE XXXXX'S (you'll get this unique affiliate number via email)


BASIC REFERRAL LINK for your website, ezine and handouts. (we'll give you links for more specific products in the affiliate links section and in a really helpful sales tips section)


Don't worry about the link being long because on your website you can easily hide it behind a "Click Here" text link or a graphic link. (hint: text links are just fine and you'll learn why in the sales tips page).

When you put your affiliate number in the link above, our system knows that it was you that referred someone to us. Our sophisticated tracking software will track how many visitors have linked from your site and how many of those have purchased something.

To view how many people have traveled from your site to ours, or to see how many have ordered, go to the site below at anytime. Put in your password and user ID that was emailed to you and you will know immediately how well you're doing. If you forget either of these, look in your welcome email or email Dr. Weatherby at: for assistance.



This is the link to use to see how many products have been sold by your prospects and what your commission check will be. Use this link to follow your progress with our affiliate program.      

(Note: Your password and user ID for the above link is being emailed to you)


Please do not get the "reports" link confused with the link that you are to use as a link to us. It would be very embarrassing to you and confusing to the person you are referring if you were to accidentally link from your site to a "reports" site. This "reports" link is only for your personal use to see how many visitors have clicked through and how many have ordered (so you can see how much you are earning in real-time).

Click here to get sales tips and links to the best ways to incorporate your referral link into your website, ezine and handouts if you use them.

Here's to a prosperous relationship!

Dicken Weatherby, ND


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Blood Chemistry Analysis

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