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Functional Tests for Hypothyroidism

By Dicken Weatherby, ND

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1. Achilles return reflex

  • A delayed Achilles return reflex is a classic sign of hypothyroidism.
  • In the absence of spinal lesions, a delayed Achilles return reflex bilaterally indicates the strong likelihood for low thyroid activity, along with the corresponding signs and symptoms.

2. Basal Body Temperature test

  • The basal body temperature (BBT) reflects the body’s basal metabolism, which refers to the amount of energy your body burns at rest.
  • The basal metabolism is largely determined by hormones secreted from the thyroid and to a lesser degree the adrenal glands.
  • The function of the thyroid can be observed by measuring the fluctuations of the basal body temperature over a number of days.
  • Reduced axillary temperature is also common with reduced adrenal function, a diet low in essential fatty acids, protein malnutrition and thiamine deficiency. Therefore, you should not equivocally associate a depressed temperature with a pure thyroid problem.

3. Iodine skin test

  • The iodine skin test is a functional assessment for iodine status in the body.
  • By painting the skin with a 2% solution of iodine we can see how quickly the body absorbs the available iodine.
  • The quicker the iodine fades, the greater the deficiency can be assumed to be.

The above tests are part of our in-office Lab Testing System called In-Office Laboratory Testing- Functional Terrain Analysis.
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© 2004 Dicken Weatherby, ND


Dr. Dicken Weatherby is a graduate of the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland, Oregon. He is the co-author of the best-selling book "Blood Chemistry and CBC Analysis- Clinical Laboratory Testing from a Functional Perspective". To learn more about Dr. Weatherby's functional diagnosis books and sign up for FREE functional diagnosis tips, tools, and techniques, visit his web site at

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Blood Chemistry Analysis

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