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Internet Marketing- Turn Your Knowledge into Cash
by Dicken Weatherby, ND

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As you are probably aware the Internet has exploded in the last
couple of years despite the bursting of the Internet bubble. At no
time in history has there been the capacity for a small business to
have access to a global market with very little capital expenditure. I
am a classic example of this. I have a consultative practice from
my home in rural Southern Oregon and teach seminars, research
and write books, and run a successful online publishing business. I
routinely take orders for my books from Europe, Canada, Australia,
and the Far East. How did I do this? Well, I focused on a "Niche
Market" that I perceived had a problem that Icould fix.

When I came out of medical school I was all fired up with the great
knowledge I had absorbed about natural medicine. I soon saw that
the majority of my patients were coming up normal on my physical
exams and had very little useful findings on blood work. That was a
problem. I soon saw that I was not unique in this situation. I created
a number of reference manuals for my own use and friends and
colleagues who saw them wanted copies. Thus was born my
publishing business.

I decided to focus the majority of my time to the professional
markets instead of writing books for the general public because I
saw a need within my community. If you are interested in turning
your knowledge into something that others would want to purchase
you need to ask yourself the following question: Do I want to create
a project to distribute to my professional colleagues or to the
general public? Once you have that answered you need to choose
an area of expertise or interest.

You can get started on the Internet with a very small budget. In
actuality you can start making money on the Internet with as little
as a couple of hundred dollars if you can do a lot of the work by

However, you need to have an idea first. Ask yourself the following

  1. What are my passions when it comes to medicine and healthcare?
  2. What area of medicine do I have a lot of knowledge and/or experience?
  3. What kinds of cases do I attract in my practice?
  4. What do people come to me for advise about?

The first question is one of the most important. Success at this will
come directly from your passion. Sit down and create a list of 5 of
your top areas of specialty or interest. Don't worry if what you have
written seems obscure. That's the nature of a niche market. You
want your chosen area to be a specialty. Believe me, people with
obscure genetic diseases that you have experience with are looking
on the net for information, and most of the time they are willing to
pay for it. Remember, the area you choose should be related to
your area of expertise. You should be passionate about it so that it
feels less like work and more like a fun past time.

Once you have your idea go online to Google and see who else is
out there providing the same kinds of things. It is important to see
if there is a demand before you write your book or create your audio
tape series.

Once you have your idea and you know that it is something people
want you can move onto the next step.

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Dr. Dicken Weatherby is a graduate of the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland, Oregon. He is the co-author of the best-selling book "Blood Chemistry and CBC Analysis- Clinical Laboratory Testing from a Functional Perspective".

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