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RealAudio Clips from "The Full Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis System"

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Dr. Weatherby's Audio Clips

Blood Chemistry Recordings

Clip #1 -- Blood Chemistry Introduction 1:09

Clip #2 -- Optimal vs. Normal Reference ranges- Blood Glucose Levels 1:05

Clip #3 -- Liver/Gallbladder- Biliary Stasis 1:12

Clip #4. Minerals- Molybdenum Insufficiency 0:32

Clip #5. LDH and Hypoglycemia 0:41

Clip #6. Intro to Thyroid Panel 1:13

Clip #7. Uric acid and the Immune System 1:03

If you would like more information on this system please click here.

Other Recordings

Excerpt from Blood Chemistry Interview with Dr. Weatherby on Deborah Ray's "Healthy Talk Radio Show", Feb. 2004 1:03

To listen to the whole of this interview please click here.

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