How to Quadruple the Amount
of Useful Information from
a Standard Blood Chemistry
and CBC Analysis.... And Beat
the Learning Curve, FAST

Already Analyzing Patients' Blood Test Results? Get More Functional, Nutritional And Preventative Information Than You Ever Thought Possible-- Quickly, Efficiently, and Competently -- Guaranteed."

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The sad thing is that most health care practitioners don't know how to analyze blood chemistries from a functional perspective.

I certainly didn't when I first got into practice. I used to look at my patients' blood tests and wonder why they always came back normal, when I knew that they were by no means normal.

When I got into practice all those years ago I thought that I would have patients flocking to me because of my superior diagnostic skills and incredible treatment protocols. Well, after a few months went by I realized that I had not learned everything I could about natural medicine at Naturopathic school.

I knew that there must be another way so I started doing some research. I read all the books, listened to all the tapes, went to seminars, and talked to many of the great interpreters of blood chemistry analysis. I started using their techniques and gradually my diagnostic skills got better. NOW I can figure out exactly what is going on with my patients' physiology and metabolism by looking at their blood work.

I finally learned how to diagnose and help the patients that came to me with no obvious sign of pathology, but were obviously not "normal". This method of Functional diagnosis allowed me to find out where the dysfunction was located, what individual treatment was needed, and when function was restored.

I started ordering blood tests on all my patients and performed a functional analysis on all of them. You see, once I learned to do it RIGHT, my business really kicked off. I was helping more patients and making some good money.

“ Blood Chemistry and CBC Analysis is a groundbreaking work. It is excellently written, organized and indexed. More importantly it offers a wealth of practical clinical information on the functional interpretation of these tests. It is literally loaded with invaluable additional related information. A superb “must have” resource book for the integrative practitioner.”

- Robert Rose, RN, Digestive Health Specialist
Cascade, Colorado

Since then, I've become one of a tiny handful of experts on this method of blood chemistry analysis. As I began to talk to my colleagues, I saw how hungry they were for good information on this subject - and how hard it is to find anyone who truly knows it from the inside and out.

So I co-wrote my comprehensive reference manual on Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis called " Blood Chemistry and CBC Analysis- Clinical Laboratory Testing from a Functional Perspective". It's the fastest way to beat the learning curve, get more information from your patients' blood tests, and increase clinic income in the process.

No matter what kind of practice you have, a functional blood chemistry analysis will let you get excellent patient results.

  1. You will be able to effectively address the majority of your patient's chronic health conditions.

  2. Dramatically improve your clinical outcomes. You will amaze your patients with your diagnostic skills.

  3. Get more referrals. Patients will tell all their friends that you are the doctor who can tell them what their blood tests mean.

  4. Work on those hard to treat cases no one else can work with. This method of analysis will make it easy to assess a broad spectrum of functional disorders.

  5. Grow your practice. Your successful diagnosis and treatments will lead to growing number of satisfied patients.

  6. Make money running labs. Put money in your pocket for a change.

  7. Increase your competency with blood chemistry analysis. Speak to your patients with authority when doing reports of findings.

  8. Determine nutritional deficiencies in your patients. No more relying on expensive outsourced labs. Use your chem. screen and CBC as "gateway" testing.

  9. Cut the amount of time you spend analyzing your patients' blood tests. Time taken to analyze lab work outside of your regular office hours eats up a lot of a busy practitioners day. Using this system will put hours back into your day.

  10. Make your blood chemistry testing an indispensable screening tool. Your blood chemistry analysis will finally mean something to you and your patients.

  11. Increase the profitability of your practice. Charging for time spent analyzing labs can be a nice way to increase clinic revenue.

"As a clinician practicing functional medicine, I find Dr. Weatherby's Blood Chemistry and CBC Analysis book extremely valuable. This book helps to fill in the blanks for me. It is also a great practice-enhancing tool, particularly when you are able to help patients whose complaints have been largely misunderstood due to their complex, yet less obvious presentations. I am looking forward to their next book on more advanced lab testing"

- Dr. Adria Rothfeld-Magenheim
Chiropractor, Staten Island, New York

The Blood Chemistry and CBC Analysis Book

An understanding of the implications for blood tests that are outside the normal value and implications of blood tests that fall outside of an optimal range.... You spent four years in medical school to learn the former. The latter is what this system is all about. Not the same old things you've heard before, but new, innovative, and exciting ways to look at blood chemistries from a functional perspective.

blood chem book

Blood Chemistry and CBC Analysis from a Functional Perspective

Arm yourself you with a slew of powerful interpretive techniques.

  1. A knowledge of what tests to order....You will learn what tests deserve to be on your standard panel, and what tests don't

  • How to put it all together....You will have an understanding of the patterns that exist between tests and the likely dysfunctions associated with the patterns. You will get my tracking charts that will make this process easier.

  • The three big questions to ask every patient.... Your patients will be impressed with how thorough you are.

  • How to base your diagnosis on a functional hierarchy.... This concept will save you and your patients a lot of time as you quickly hone in on the most important problems first.

  • The best method of approaching the functional analysis.... Paying attention to a few details will save you a whole lot of time.

  • Common elements on a blood test that have functional implications for the GI system.... No other system will teach you how to use a simple blood test to assess your patients' gastrointestinal system.

  • 6 common functional gastrointestinal problems that can be detected with blood tests.... Patients will be amazed at how quickly you help them with their digestive complaints.

  • 5 tests that can help distinguish hypochlorhydria from gastrointestinal inflammation.... This distinction can produce dramatic results for your patients' gut disturbances.

  • 5 common functional hepato-biliary problems that can be detected with blood tests.... Your patients will be impressed at how effectively you can clean up their complaints of tiredness, poor digestion, headaches, and nausea.

  • How to differentiate problems in the biliary tree from liver problems....You will save time and frustration.

  • 3 tests that will help you identify essential fatty acid deficiency....Give your patients fast improvement in skin and brain function.

  • 13 common functional problems associated with mineral insufficiencies that can be detected with blood tests.... Identify the underlying cause behind a number of your patients conditions.

  • The calcium myth- why calcium supplementation may not always be the best course of therapy.... Your patients will finally have a way of knowing their specific calcium needs.

  • How to assess for nutrient deficiencies: 11 nutrient deficiencies that can be detected on a blood test....Identifying and reversing nutrient deficiencies is one of the most effective ways to give your patients fast results.

  • Six reasons minerals themselves may not be the problem ....Educate your patients on the concepts of proper digestive health and other factors that play a role in mineral absorption.

  • The one value that most practitioners leave out in their analysis of iron deficiency....Be one of the few doctors who can easily identify and reverse iron deficiency anemia.

  • 3 minor causes of anemia that you should be aware of....Be one of the most discerning diagnosticians and watch your grateful patients regain their energy.

  • How to determine the electrolyte status of your patients using standard blood tests ....Never let chronic dehydration undermine your patients' efforts to improve their health again.

At last a method of analyzing blood chemistry tests that bridges what we learned at medical school and what we see in practice.

- Wayne Black, ND- Phoenix, AZ

Good information for an ND in solo practice with concerns about efficient use of patient’s dollars for labs. Very practical information.

- Mary Bess Gloria, ND- Portland, OR

GREAT JOB!! Thank you for your great work.

- J.M. Little, ND Clinical Faculty 7 years, Bastyr University, WA

Cutting edge material compared to standard education in laboratory analysis with plenty of clinical pearls.

- Suzanne Tang, ND- Shoreline, WA

Helpful insight and background info on lab testing. I love the tracking form! Thank you for your clear and concise presentation.

- Rebecca Sauser, ND- Portland, OR

A thorough covering of all the systems and major players in blood chemistry interpretation. Very dense in content.

- Courtney Coale Carag, ND- Seattle, WA

Much welcomed Naturopathic perspective to Blood chemistry interpretation.

- Michael Kaplan, ND- Seattle, WA

Excellent information. Lots of commonsense material and very well presented.

- Denise Dallman, ND- Portland, OR

"This book taught me important tools to integrate blood chemistry analysis into my practice. It's amazing what I have uncovered by looking at blood tests in a new way. As a result I have added a very important diagnostic tool for my patients. Thanks."

- John Tully, DC - Texas

There Are No Other Blood Chemistry Analysis
Books as Packed, as Practical, and as
Powerful as This One... Anywhere! I Mean It!

Here's some more of what you will learn:

  • The 3 interconnected systems of blood sugar regulation and how to use blood tests to assess each system....Your patients will be amazed at how much you can tell them about their symptoms.

  • 3 ways to differentiate hypoglycemia ....Getting this information early can dramatically improve a patients' sense of well-being and prevent long-term deterioration.

  • How to assess for adrenal dysfunction from blood tests.... Gives you a simple gateway test that can save you from having to order expensive out-sourced labs.

  • The best method of assessing the location of liver dysfunction.... Quickly hone in on the likely site of the problem and save valuable time.

  • 4 lab tests that indicate the presence of oxidative stress in the body.... Don't order expensive lab tests without checking your blood tests first.

  • 5 tests to help screen for steatosis (fatty liver).... Don't wait before treating your patients' fatty liver conditions. identify and intervene in its early stage.

  • How to assess for liver dysfunction before it leads to cellular damage.... Knowing how to do this will help your patients avoid cancer and other degenerative diseases.

  • How to screen for Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy (BPH) long before it manifests clinically.... Your male patients will be hugely gratefu

  • 5 tests to differentiate kidney dysfunction from kidney disease.... Why wait until it progresses to disease. Identify and intervene early and save your patients a lot of time and effort.

  • 6 factors that contribute to kidney dysfunction.... You'll know more than most doctors about identifying, preventing, and reversing kidney damage

  • The 6 elements on a blood test that you must run in order to get the best method of assessing for thyroid problems.... Be one of the only doctors in your area who thoroughly understands this very common ailment.

  • Considerations before interpreting a thyroid panel....know how to cover your bases so you don't make common mistakes.

  • How to differentiate the location of your patient's thyroid problem....Look at the bigger picture and get your patients' faster results.

  • Clinical indicators for anterior pituitary involvement in thyroid problems....Get fast results by identifying this under-diagnosed condition.

  • The adrenal/thyroid relationship and why this must be addressed first....Not knowing this can lead to a frustrated doctor and unhappy patients.

  • A key nutrient that plays an essential role in thyroid metabolism (not iodine!) and how to assess for it ....Don't let this common nutrient deficiency thwart you and your patients' efforts again.

  • Why free levels of thyroid hormone get you a more accurate interpretation ....Knowing which tests to order greatly increases your diagnostic capabilities.

  • The importance of iodine and how to assess for iodine levels in your office ....Don't waste money on other forms of iodine testing. This simple assessment is all you need.

  • Why low cholesterol levels may be more dangerous than elevated levels.... Be one of the only doctors who has a comprehensive grasp of this charged topic.

  • The truth about diet and elevated cholesterol and triglyceride levels....Help your patients successfully navigate through this controversial topic.

  • 6 common functional problems of the cardiovascular system that can be assessed using blood tests.... Your patients will be impressed with how much you can tell them without subjecting them to expensive and inconvenient testing.

“I would highly recommend this book to practitioners in traditional medicine venturing into the complimentary field of medicine”

- Positive Health- Issue 92, Sept. 2003 (published in UK) Dr. Khush Mark, PhD

Have you thought for a moment what it would be like to have this kind of inside knowledge?

I've purchased every other guide out there, online and offline, and there is NOTHING that compares to the "Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis Book".

Not only does this book give you all the information you need, but it will save you YEARS of research and headaches! (Remember this all took me years to find, research, isolate, test, and refine.)

How much is that much time and effort worth to YOU?

Let's say that you currently earn $50,000 a year in your clinic. If you multiply that by the three whole years it took me to assemble and tweak all this information, it would cost you close to $150,000 in value-for-time invested to have this material by yourself. (In fact, it would cost you a lot more when you consider that you must still earn a living in the meantime, and therefore you'd probably only seek and test this information part-time.)

Would I do those three years over again? Absolutely.

You see, the information I gained has built me a wonderful consulting income that allows me immense freedom in my life. And while it was a lot of sleepless nights and hard work, what I learned was invaluable.

But YOU don't have to work hard at learning how to do this. I'm handing it to you on a silver platter!

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The Bottom Line

Why would you invest in a book like this?

  1. Because it's full of no-nonsense, very practical, tips and techniques that have been well researched and backed with clinical experience. This is a one-of-a-kind book. No where else can you find this much information on Blood Chemistry Analysis in one place and for this small amount of money.

  2. Because you'll be able to offer your patients more. At the same time you'll save yourself time, reducing the amount of time you analyze blood tests, while greatly increasing the amount of diagnostic information you can offer your patients. You can also put money in your pocket by charging a nominal lab interpretation fee (there's a CPD code for this too!).

So if you're if you're analyzing one blood test a week and charge a $15 lab interpretation fee, the $65 you pay for this book will pay for itself - not just once, but every 5 weeks, over and over again!

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Satisfaction GuaranteedI'm 100% confident that my system will be the absolute best, most complete, and most useful book on Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis you've ever seen.

More than that, I'm confident that if you employ all the techniques and resources I share with you, you'll gain a noticeable amount of new patients over the next year.

So if the "Blood Chemistry and CBC Analysis- Clinical Laboratory Testing from a Functional Perspective " book isn't everything you were expecting, and all my techniques and tools don't produce the results you were looking for, just ask me for a prompt refund within one full year of your purchase.

No reason needed. No questions asked. Just send me the book back and I'll refund your money.

That's my promise.

Dr. Dicken Weatherby
Naturopathic Physician

Dicken Weatherby

P.S. My Simple, No-Hassle, Money-back Guarantee: remember, I stand 100% behind the information I'm offering to you. If you ever decide you don't like this system package, just return it and ask for your money back anytime this year.

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P.P.P.S Don't put this off! You can quadruple the amount of information you get from the standard blood test, you can start charging for doing a functional interpretation, and become the doctor in your area with a reputation of really knowing what's going on.
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