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Reviews and Testimonials

The book "Blood Chemistry and CBC Analysis- Clinical Laboratory Testing from a Functional Perspective" has been reviewed in a number of prestigous publications. Including Alternative Medicine Review, Positive Health, and Townsend Journal for Doctors and patients

To read these reviews please click on the links below

Alternative Medicine Review (Vol. 8, #3- August 2003)

Positive Health (the number one selling health magazine in the UK- September 2003)

Townsend Journal for Doctors and Patients (January 2004)

Other Blood Chemistry Testimonials

"Drs. Weatherby and Ferguson's book "Blood Chemistry and CBC Analysis" rarely makes it off my desktop. It saves me precious time nearly every day, as I think about my patients and create care plans for them."
Nancy Dunne, MA, ND
President, American Association of Naturopathic Physicians

“This well-done and user-friendly reference manual should be considered the preferred textbook and reference manual of holistically-oriented blood chemistry analysis”
Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients: Jan. 2004, pg. 149
John Teta, ND and Jade Teta, ND

“I would highly recommend this book to practitioners in traditional
medicine venturing into the complimentary field of medicine”
Positive Health- Issue 92, Sept. 2003 (published in UK)
Dr. Khush Mark, PhD

“Integrating this method of blood chemistry analysis will help identify nutritional and metabolic deficiencies as well as potential organ dysfunction in patients considered “normal” based on conventional laboratory reference ranges”.
Alternative Medicine Review 2003;8(3):343
Douglas MacKay, N.D.

“Every doctor I have showed this book to has said “I want a copy”. The book is filled with useful information. To me it’s going to be required reading and something you must have on your bookshelf”.
Deborah Ray, MS
Host of the “Deborah Ray Show- Healthy Talk Radio”

"As a clinician practicing functional medicine, I find Dr. Weatherby's book, Blood Chemistry and CBC Analysis extremely valuable. Most lab manuals limit their information to the diagnosis of established disease, yet the majority of patients fall somewhere along a continuum where disease may not be evident, but functional aberration is apparent. However,one needs to be able to decipher the more subtle alterations in lab testing in order to notice those changes. Admittedly, even after receiving my DC and MS, I was still quite weak in this area, as it was not adequately addressed during my educational experience. This book helps to fill in the blanks for me. It is also a great practice-enhancing tool, particularly when you are able to help patients whose complaints have been largely misunderstood due to their complex, yet less obvious presentations. I am looking forward to their next book on more advanced lab testing"
Dr. Adria Rothfeld-Magenheim
Chiropractor, Staten Island, New York

“ Blood Chemistry and CBC Analysis is a groundbreaking work. It is excellently written, organized and indexed. More importantly it offers a wealth of practical clinical information on the functional interpretation of these tests. It is literally loaded with invaluable additional related information. A superb “must have” resource book for the integrative practitioner.”

Robert Rose, RN, Digestive Health Specialist
Cascade, Colorado

Seminar Reviews

"I would like to commend you on your seminar series. It contains precisely the kind of material today's Naturopathic physician needs to know to run a first-rate practice. I only wish the information had been available 20 years ago. I look forward to continued attendance at these informative, upbeat classes.

I would hope that someday these seminars would be integrated into the core curriculum of our medical schools to teach student physicians from day one how to understand the anatomy, physiology, pathology, diagnosis, treatment, and the practice management of our nation's health problems.
Keep up the good work!
With Gratitude,
Glenn R. Hoey, N.D., CSCS, ACSM, Wenatchee, WA

This is a totally practical seminar. At last a method of analyzing blood chemistry tests that bridges what we learned at medical school and what we see in practice.
Wayne Black, ND- Phoenix, AZ

Useful information that is extremely practical.
William Halcomb, DO, MD- Mesa, AZ

This is a practical system of applying basic medical lab test results into a tool that effectively evaluates the systems of the body that are experiencing duress but have not yet progressed into pathology. I highly recommend it!
Dennis Hoyer, DC Clinical Faculty, Western States Chiropractic College
Portland, OR

Good information for an ND in solo practice with concerns about efficient use of patient’s dollars for labs. Very practical information.
Mary Bess Gloria, ND- Portland, OR

GREAT JOB!! Thank you for your great work.
J.M. Little, ND Clinical Faculty 7 years, Bastyr University, WA

This seminar offered cutting edge material, compared to standard education in Laboratory analysis with plenty of clinical pearls.
Suzanne Tang, ND- Shoreline, WA

Helpful insight and background info on lab testing. I love the tracking form! Thank you for your clear and concise presentation.
Rebecca Sauser, ND- Portland, OR

A thorough covering of all the systems and major players in blood chemistry interpretation. Very dense in content. I look forward to your next class.
Courtney Coale Carag, ND- Seattle, WA

Much welcomed Naturopathic perspective to Blood chemistry interpretation.
Michael Kaplan, ND- Seattle, WA

Excellent information. Lots of commonsense material, well presented and very professional. You make a great team!
Denise Dallman, ND- Portland, OR


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