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Dr. Dicken Weatherby, Naturopathic Physician, the owner of this site, is the well known co-author of a number of best-selling books in the field of functionally oriented diagnosis. Dr. Weatherby, an expert in functional diagnosis, has presented seminars on Blood Chemistry analysis, In-Office lab testing, and Functionally Oriented Physical exam techniques in both the US and in Europe, and continues to develop educational material in the fields of alternative signs and symptoms analysis, functionally oriented physical exam techniques, functional urinalysis, in-office lab tests, and blood chemistry analysis.

Dr. Weatherby has coached many doctors on how to best implement functional diagnosis into their practices, and continues to perform detailed analysis of blood chemistry results for physicians and their patients. He also sells products and services on the internet and publishes the first E-magazine dedicated to functional diagnosis called "Functional Diagnosis E-zine".

Customized Diagnostic Programs by Dicken Weatherby, ND

Dr. Weatherby is available to speak on any or all topics related to the field of functional diagnosis. Please fill in the questionnaire to give us feedback or to get further information on our services.

Dr. Weatherby's programs and materials will help you get more from the tests you are already using. Guaranteed!





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