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Earn BIG Commissions with the Functional Diagnosis Affiliate Program

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Dear Friends,

I have best-selling products and a site that sells, but I need more help. I can't promote it all by myself! Here's my winning proposition to you.

If you tell others about my Full Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis System, my books, teleseminars, and other programs, I'll pay you up to 25% commission on every successful sale you refer to my site. All this through the Functional Diagnosis Affiliate Program!

What is an Affiliate Program?

Affiliate programs are very popular ways for web sites to sell their programs and products. It's a win-win situation for both the seller and the company. The seller gets a commission, and the company gets a sale that they would otherwise not get.

How does it work?

We are using one of the most sophisticated shopping cart systems available on the web. When you register for the program the cart generates a unique affiliate code that you will use to create specially formatted URLs that you will use to link through to the Functional Diagnosis Shop on our site (don't worry, we have written specific directions of how to do this after you have signed up). These URLs are unique to you and our system can track your referral fees as they are earned. This system is so sophisticated that even if you refer a client to our site and they leave and come back in 6 months you will get credit for the sale.

Upon registering you will be given your unique code, and a link to a special page that will show you how many customers referred by you have purchased products. You will receive e-mail notification after each sale. You will receive your commission check on a monthly basis as long as the amount is over $50.00. If it is less than $50.00 we will roll-over the amount until your affiliate check reaches $50.00. Note that all orders must be placed online.

What do I get if I join the Functional Diagnosis Affiliate Program?

  • Up to 25% commission on every sale referred by you. We start you out at a 15% commission. Once you have sold 10 products we move you up to 20%. After 30 sales you will become a Super Affiliate and receive the maximum 25% commission.

  • An unlimited earning potential

  • Payments as often as every month

  • Real-time sales tracking that you can follow. You will get an e-mail every time a sale is made

  • FREE promotional materials that you can use straightaway to make money from your sites. Don't have a website? No big deal, just use one of our tested
    e-mails. Insert your unique affiliate link, send people to our sales pages, and collect your checks!

What will I be promoting?

You can promote all of my diagnostic books, and reference manuals:

Who can become an affiliate?

Anyone can join the Functional Diagnosis affiliate program, as long as they:

  • Only use ethical marketing methods to promote my Functional Diagnosis products. I do not tolerate the promotion of my material using unsolicited e- mailing or "spam."

  • Do not market or promote my functional diagnosis material via sites that contain offensive material or content.

  • Do not use their functional diagnosis affiliate link to purchase their own functional diagnosis products

What if I Have Questions?

If you have questions, please write us at I would like to help in any way I can.

Are you ready?

CLICK HERE IF YOU ARE READY TO GET STARTED NOW and start earning money right away.

Here's to a prosperous relationship!

Dicken Weatherby, ND


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Blood Chemistry Analysis

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