The Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis Crash Course w Dr. Dicken Weatherby

"Blood Chemistry Analysis looks like a great tool..... But most of my patient's blood tests come back normal, and I don't want to waste their money getting a test that doesn't tell me that much!"

Did you know that the Blood Chemistry and CBC Screen is the most commonly ordered lab tests in Western medicine and most doctors don't know that a functional analysis of these same tests provides them with an amazing opportunity to gather important information about their patients' functional health.

A Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis is one of the easiest ways to gather important data from your patients, and is a proven way to attract new clients and get more referrals.

Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis is THE ultimate Functional Medicine assessment test.

How To Take Your Diagnostic Skills
to Another level

When I first got into practice I realized that the majority of the diagnostic tools I learned in medical school were useless for uncovering the functional imbalances and disturbances in my patients. I spent many hundreds of hours getting a training in what I call "Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis". I have written this 8-day email course to help you learn why this method of analyzing your patients' blood test results is, hands down, the best way to help you gather more functionally oriented information on your patients.

Here are some of the things you'll discover:

  • Why "Normal" is a far cry from being "Optimal" when it comes to reading blood test results. I go over a case study to demonstrate this very clearly!

  • What biomarkers you should consider putting on your blood test panels for the most comprehensive analysis of dysfunction (I'll share my "Comprehensive Male and Female Blood testing Panels" with you!).

  • Why you should consider using a "Functional Hierarchy" to help you organize your analysis (I'll share mine!).

  • The "FBCA Thinking Process" - the method I use to consider the reasons why each and every biomarker is either above or below the optimal range.

  • My "Biomarkers and their Associated Dysfunctions" cheat sheet (a fantastic downloadable reference tool!).

  • The best ways to approach the analysis of ech and every one of your patients' blood test results. I'll show you how I used to do it using manual tracking forms (and I'll share those with you!) and how I do it now using the most powerful analytical, interpretive and reporting software available.

  • Lastly, I'll share my "Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis Blueprint", which shows you how to integrate FBCA into your clinic or practice.

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By the way - most "ecourse" are thinly disguised sales pitches with crappy information. But I refuse to put out that kind of junk. This is quality information that will move your Blood Chemistry Analsysi skills forward.

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This book should be considered the preferred textbook and reference manual of holistically-oriented blood chemistry analysis”

Keoni Teta, N.D., L.Ac
Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients: Jan. 2004, pg. 149

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Deborah Ray, MS
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"Dr. Weatherby's book "Blood Chemistry and CBC Analysis" rarely makes it off my desktop. It saves me precious time nearly every day, as I think about my patients and create care plans for them."

Nancy Dunne, MA, ND
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