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In-Office Lab Testing- Functional Terrain Analysis Reference Manual

The results are nearly instantaneous (and for some tests they are!).

The cost to the patient is minimal and entirely affordable.

Repeated tests are easy to do, and back as quickly as you can process the samples

And profitable.

"Your In-Office Testing system made it easy for me to understand how to do the tests, what to look for and how to get results! I was able to easily implement these procedures. Thank you!"

-Brett Saks, DC, NMD, Dipl.Ac, FAACP

Here's just a sampling of what you will get:

  • 22 tests that can easily be incorporated into your clinic...Increase your diagnostic offerings to your patients AND increase your income at the same time.

  • Fully navigatable and cross-linked E-book.... All the info you need right at your finger tips.

  • Full explanation of how to do each test.

  • Full clinical implications for results outside of the normal range.

  • Full resource guide with lists of all supplies needed and suppliers. 

  • Make sure you are making the most of your patients' healthcare dollars... Reassessments are easy and convenient to perform, and will enhance patient compliance.

  • 6 in-office tests to uncover dysfunction within the gastrointestinal system...Patients will be amazed at how quickly you can identify and treat their   digestive complaints.

  • Increase the profitability of your practice by setting up a fully functional lab in   your office...This reference manual will tell you how.

  • 5 methods of assessing mineral deficiencies...Identify the underlying cause   behind so many of your patients' conditions.

  • Full instructions on how to set up an in-office lab in your clinic... Take advantage of the money making potential this can offer your clinic.

  •   The 3 tests you must run to diagnose adrenal problems...Decrease your   reliance on expensive out-sourced adrenal testing.

  • The 3 key in-office tests for dealing with sub-clinical hypothyroidism...Be one of   the only doctors in your area who thoroughly understands this very common ailment.

  • The test to use to see if your patients are following your dietary recommendations...Amaze them when you tell them that you know they have   been off their diet.

  • A simple way to detect hypochlorhydria...Convert your patients from thinking   that hyper-acidity is the reason for their digestive complaints and get to the bottom of their problems.

  • Learn the tests that act as “gateway” test s... You will have the help you need to   select which out-sourced labs to run on your patients

  •  3 tests to diagnose dysbiosis...Run these tests before ordering expensive digestive stool analysis panels.

  •  4 tests to differentiate reactive from metabolic pH abnormalities...You will find that most of your patients are not too acid and need pH balancing.

  •   Learn the best times to check for urine and salivary pH...No more wasting patients time by running these tests at the wrong time.

  • Make money running in-office labs ...Learn the CPT codes to get insurance   reimbursement for these tests, so the income stays in your office rather than going to an out-sourced lab.

  • Finally 2 tests to determine the antioxidant status of your patients...No more blind use of antioxidants. Put together a protocol that really deals with the problem.

  • Oxidative stress evaluation in the office...You will be able to see if your protocols actually work.

  • How to screen for mitochondria dysfunction...Deal with the energy issues of your patients.

  • Identify problems in energy production in your patients...Your patients will be grateful when their energy levels return to normal.

  • 32 patterns of functional disorders that can be assessed with in-office testing.

  • Learn how to differentiate adrenal from thyroid problems...Not knowing how to do this can lead to a frustrated doctor and unhappy doctors.

  • The importance of iodine and how to assess iodine levels ...Don't waste your patients' money on other forms of iodine testing. This test is all you need.

  • Assess for leaky gut syndrome in the office...Help your patients with their allergies by getting to the root cause.

  • Learn the best method of assessing for vitamin C status...Get your patients on   the correct form of vitamin C before they drive themselves into vitamin C deficiency.

  • A system to find the optimum minerals and cofactors for your patients... No more prescribing in the dark. Your patients will finally have a way of knowing   their specific mineral needs.

Appendix: Learn all of the patterns between the in-office tests

  • Assimilation and digestion patterns

  • Acid/Alkaline interpretation

  • Electrolyte assessment

  • Calcium and internalization

  • Micro nutrient digestion

  • Urine billiard and roiling

Clinical Forms, Handouts and Resources

  • Easy to use forms for tracking in-office test results over time.

  • Easy to use forms for interpreting patterns between tests.

  • Patient pre-test handouts to use in your office.

  • Full explanation of how to do each test.

  • Resource list to buy tests and reagents.

  • CPT codes and suggested pricing.

  • Details of how to set up an in-office lab in your office.

  • Details on all the equipment and reagents needed.

As always with any Functional Diagnosis production, you'll get much more than you pay for, along with a 100% money-back guarantee.

A Full Reference Manual, Quick Reference Guides, and All My Charts and Forms

  1. A downloadable copy of my 234 page IN-OFFICE LAB TESTING REFERENCE MANUAL, in a fully-navigatable E-book

  2. A QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE to In-Office Lab Testing


  4. A RESOURCE GUIDE featuring complete instructions for each test, my charts and clinic tracking forms, patient handouts, sample letters to patients, CPT codes for insurance filing, product suppliers, and a list of all the supplies you need.

How Much Is All This Information
Worth to You?

You could make hundreds of dollars per month using this system, so I should really charge a premium for walking you through this process. It took me many hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in training to learn this information. I don't want you to have to do the same -- that's why I created this program.

Just one hour with me would run you $250.00, and I couldn't teach you a tenth of this program in that time. The package I have put together is valued at least $197. But I've decided to offer this program for only $97.00. This tiny investment could easily launch an entire new income stream, right from your office or clinic, and best of all you'll learn the right way to do it, so you'll really be making money right from the start and helping more of your patients.

Yes, Dr. Weatherby — I'd like to get your Comprehensive In-Office Lab Testing Reference Manual right away!

I understand that for only $97.00, I'll not only get a 234 page reference e-book, but I'll also get a Quick Reference Guide to In-Office Lab Testing, and a guide to Urine Dipstick Analysis. PLUS a full how-to report, so I'll have all the information I need to get started right away.

$97.00 For Full downloadable version-
No Shipping and Handling!

Via Secure Online Server, Fax, or Phone

$85.00 For Printed Version of the In-Office Lab Testing Book Only (i.e. no quick reference guide and no urine dipstick analysis book)
plus shipping and handling!

Via Secure Online Server, Fax, or Phone

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