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Blood Chemistry Resources!

The "Blood Chemistry and CBC Analysis- Clinical Laboratory Testing from a Functional Perspective" book is the best way to get started learning this method of analysis, but if you're like me you'll want to get all the necessary tools in your tool box so you can learn fast and start helping your patients right away (and make some extra income too!).

As I mentioned earlier you can earn some good income with blood chemistry analysis

Why not upgrade to the Full Blood Chemistry Analysis System by adding these in-depth tools to your order?

The Full Blood Chemistry Analysis System - Upgrade your order!

Quick Reference Guide To Blood Chemistry Analysis

The Perfect Companion to Our Blood Chemistry and CBC Analysis Book

Wouldn’t you rather spend less time interpreting and analyzing your patient’s blood test results? This quick reference guide is the perfect companion to the “Blood Chemistry and CBC Analysis- Clinical Laboratory Testing from a Functional Perspective” book.

It is your complete quick reference for interpreting, analyzing, and finding the underlying cause of your patients’ functional complaints. Whether you are already doing a functional analysis of blood chemistries or plan to do so soon, you will refer to this guide over and over again.

The Quick Reference Guide Includes the Following:

  1. The functional conditions associated with specific biomarkers on a blood test.

  2. Full In-depth patterns for the most common conditions you will see in practice.

  3. A quick reference guide to the clinical abnormalities often reported on a stained red cell examination.

  4. Clinical tracking forms for both the Standard US units and the Standard International units.

The Full Blood Chemistry Analysis System - Upgrade your order today and save!

Dr. Weatherby's 6-Hour
Functional Blood Chemistry
Seminar on Audio CD

Get this audio program if:

  • You like rapid results and excellent clinical outcomes..... By implementing these techniques you will be able to effectively address the majority of your patient's chronic health conditions.

  • You are looking for new tools and techniques to dramatically improve your clinical outcomes.... Patients will be amazed at your diagnostic skills.

  • You want more referrals.... Patients will tell all their friends that you are the doctor who can tell them what their blood tests mean.

  • You want to take on those hard to treat cases no one else can work with.... This method of analysis will make it easy to assess a broad spectrum of functional disorders.

  • You want your practice to grow.... Your successful diagnosis and treatment will lead to growing number of satisfied patients.

  • You want to get some CE that you can actually use in practice....You will learn a great amount of usable information that can be applied immediately on Monday morning

  • You want to make money running labs... You will learn techniques in this seminar that will put money in your pocket for a change.

  • You want to be part of an international network of practitioners.... You will become part of a growing group of functionally oriented doctors on the cutting edge

Add these cutting-edge resources and tools
to your order....

Combined with the "Blood Chemistry and CBC Analysis- Clinical Laboratory Testing from a Functional Perspective" Book you're about to order, you've got the most advanced training system in Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis available.

Normally the Quick Reference Guide is $35.00 and the 6-Hour Functional Blood Chemistry Training is $147.00. But, if you add these resources to your blood chemistry book order you can have the Full Blood Chemistry Analysis System for just $197.00, saving you $50.00.

Remember, If you're seeing 10 patients/week with lab work and you charge a $15 lab interpretation fee... you'll make an additional $150/week in your practice.... If you practice 46 weeks a year this will make you an additional $6,900 to your clinic income. The $197 Full Blood Chemistry Analysis System with 6 hours of audio training and a printed quick reference guide will pay for itself - not just once, but every 8 days of practice! How many diagnostic training systems can say that?

All of my products have a one year no hassle, no questions asked money back guarantee. Try them out for 365 days, if you don't think they're the best Functional Diagnosis Reference Tools available and find that they're not helping you in your practice, let me know before your year is up and I'll refund you your order, no questions asked!

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Make Your Selection


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