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How to Perform an Accurate and Meaningful PHYSICAL EXAM Every Time- Tools for More Efficient Charting

In practice you need to:

  • perform accurate physical exams

  • have a level of comfort and skill with your regional PEs

  • know what test to do for a given situation

  • accurately chart your findings

  • have a record of what you did and did not do in your regional physical exams

For most doctors the routine male and female screening physical exam is almost second nature. But for many of us the more in-depth regional physical exams can be a bit more tricky. You may find yourself asking these kinds of questions: "What muscle test checks for involvement at the spinal level of C3?" or "How do we test the motor portion of cranial nerve VII again?" Well, the days of worrying about your regional PEs are over.

The good news? You don't have to sweat your way through any physical exams like I used to. And you don't have to have an excellent memory to remember all the results of the tests on a regional exam for your charting.

There is a complete physical exam reference and charting system available that walks you through the major regional physical exams step by step.

This system contains the following:

  • 12 reference card detailing all of the tests found on all of the major regional physical exams... refresh your memory on all the different tests that make up each examination.

  • 10 reporting and charting forms to use in the office... At last an easy method of charting and filing your physical examination results .

  • Useful illustrations of many of the physical exam techniques to jog your memory... never forget how to do a particular assessment technique.

  • All reference cards are color coded and put together in a spiral-bound booklet for easy use... The booklet is designed to easily fit into your clinical white coat for easy reference.

  • Improve the efficiency of your clinic... No more searching through reference books minutes before a patient visit.

  • Save you valuable time in recording patient data... You will never have to worry that you might have missed something important in your physical exam.

  • Increase your clinical accuracy... No more worrying that you did the exam correctly.

  • Reduce your charting liability... You will have a record of everything your did and did not do on your physical exams.

  • Each card walks you through the entire exam in the correct order... Save your patients' time by doing the exam efficiently.

  • "Further testing to consider" sections on all report forms... Easily remember and record the tests you need to follow-up with.

  • Many of the report forms have illustrations of the pertinent parts of the body.. Quickly record your findings on the convenient ear, eye, and skin forms.

  • Reference cards save you time when writing a report in the patients' charts... Saving time is important in a busy practice.

  • All the charting and report forms are in electronic format... Easily print forms as needed in your practice.

12 Reference Cards and 10 Charting Forms

By ordering today you will receive 8 Reference Cards and Corresponding Charting Forms:

  1. Cardiovascular Exam

  2. Ear, Nose, and Throat Exam

  3. Neurological Exam

  4. Eye Exam

  5. Abdominal Exam

  6. Gynecological exam

  7. Dermatology Exam

  8. Lung Exam

3 Extra Charting Forms

  1. Male Screening Physical Exam

  2. Female Screening Physical Exam

  3. Peripheral Vascular Exam

6 Extra Reference Cards

  1. Pediatric exam

  2. History taking

  3. Lab Preocedures Card

  4. Review of Systems

  5. Muscle testing

  6. Nutritional Physical Exam

How Much Is All This Information Worth to You?

Just using the charting system that comes with this package will end up saving you hours per month on charting time. How precious is your time? How many more patients could you see each month that will put money into your pocket? The reference cards and the reporting forms are valued at $45.00 each if sold separately. But because I want this information to be easy to access, I've packaged them together in a spiral bound booklet for only $65.00. This way you have no excuse to get your physical exam skills up to speed and your charting done in a timely and efficient manner!

Yes, Dr. Weatherby — I'd like to Use Your Reference and Charting System to Perform an Accurate and Meaningful Physical Exam Every Time!

I understand that for only $65.00, I'll not only get the Physical Exam Reference Cards, but I'll also get a CD with all the Physical Exam Report Forms for easy charting on a CD-Rom in easy to use PDF format. I can print these forms and use them in my office.

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