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How to Get More From Your INITIAL PATIENT INTAKE, Save Time, and Increase VALUE to Your Patient

Hi! I'm Dr. Dicken Weatherby. When I first started in practice, I thought that sitting and taking an exhaustive history was the right way to practice alternative and complementary medicine.

I was WRONG.

Listening to our patients is a must! Spending hours of their time in the process is not.

After a short while, I realized that I was spending most of my time listening to my patients! Writing down every word they said, taking exhaustive notes, and then only being able to do a cursory physical exam, write a quick script for some labs before sending them home with a promise to get back with them once the results come back! I felt I was always rushing around, invariably late for the next patients and usually drowning in the charting at the end of the day.

Can you relate? (Thought you might!)

I thought about cutting my initial consult down to 45 minutes, but that didn't help. Then I got involved in the creation of a history taking system that has become an invaluable part of my practice over the last 5 years.

I helped create a system of data gathering that has cut my history taking in half while increasing my clinical efficacy ten-fold. Signs and symptom gathering has become a seemless part of my work.

How did I do it? I use a simple questionnaire that I created to gather all of the vital information from my patient before they even come through my door!

With a health appraisal questionnaire your patients give you the pertinent details of their diet, lifestyle, medications, and symptoms organized by systems of the body. They fill it out-- you do the analysis.

For the analysis I use a comprehensive Functional Signs and Symptoms Analysis book that I wrote to analyze the questionnaire.

Here's just a sampling of what you will get from using this Functional Signs and Symptoms Analysis System

  • Full explanation of 322 questions on the Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire... All the questions you want to ask in an easy and convenient questionnaire.

  • Full questionnaire for your use... Adapt it or use it.

  • Comprehensive manual interpretation section... All you need to interpret your patients' questionnaire.

  • Learn how to evaluate the symptom burdens in 16 systems of the body...
    Get to the root cause of your patient's problems and follow progress.

  • Evaluate the total symptom burden of your patients... Use this to monitor change over time.

  • A complete diet section... See how much impact your patients' dietary indiscretions have on their health.

  • Lifestyle analysis section... See the impact stress has on your patients and make appropriate interventions.

  • Medication section... See what common medications your patients are taking and their influence on symptomology.

  • Help identify where the symptom burden is in your patients... They will be amazed at your ability to hone in on their problems.

The Functional and Nutritional Explanation Behind Each Question

  • Learn how to analyze your patients according to a functional hierarchy called the Foundations of Health... This method of analysis will save you and your patients so much time.

  • 19 questions on upper digestive health... Get to the bottom of your patients' indigestion.

  • 28 questions on liver and gallbladder health... Track gallbladder symptomology long before your patients manifest clinical signs of gallbladder disease.

  • 17 questions on the small intestine... Sleuth out the root cause of your patients' allergies.

  • 20 questions on the large intestine... See the impact that the colon has on the health of your patients.

  • Learn the functional tests (in-office, blood chemistry, and physical exam tests) associated with each question on the questionnnaire... gather even more information from your patients.

  • 29 questions on mineral needs... Your patients will be amazed at the
    symptoms they experience that are associated with mineral deficiencies.

  • 8 questions on essential fatty acids... EFA deficiencies are associated with a myriad of dysfunctions. Use this section to educate your patients about the importance of EFAs.

  • 13 blood sugar questions... Find blood sugar dysregulation long before it manifests as diabetes.

  • 27 vitamin questions... It is amazing how many strange symptoms can be explained by vitamin deficiencies.

  • 26 adrenal questions... Help your patients differentiate between hyper and hypoadrenalism.

  • 13 questions about the pituitary.. learn why assessing the health of the pituitary is essential for uncovering the hormonal issues in your patients.

  • 16 thyroid questions... Help your patients track their thyroid symptoms.

  • 9 questions for men... Track prostate dysfunction before it manifests as cancer.

  • 20 questions for men.. Menstrual and menopausal symptoms can easily be tracked.

  • 10 questions on the cardiovascular system... Differentiate between symptoms of an emerging congestive hear condition from a possible myocardial dysfunction.

  • 5 kidney and bladder questions... Learn why the kidney dysfunction is so often the cause of liver problems.

  • 10 questions on the immune system... Help your patients track their immune history.

  • Each section has of a section of additional tests that can provide yet more information about the functional state of the patient.

  • 56 pages of functional explanations based on a manual interpretation of the questionnaire.


  • 24 patient handouts for your use in your clinic.

  • 5 handouts on food sources of nutrients.

  • 4 handouts on dietary recommendations for common disorders.

  • 10 handouts to give to patients with dysfunctions in blood sugar regulation, prostate health, menstrual disorders, low thyroid, etc.

  • 3 handouts for alternatives to common food allergens.

And, as always with any Functional Diagnosis production, you'll get much more than you pay for, along with a 100% money-back guarantee.

A Full Reference Manual, The Questionnaire, and My Symptom Analysis Forms




PLEASE-- Don't Wait Until You Are Drowning in Patient Charts

Take it from me; most doctors wait too long to implement systems that will save them time and effort. Increase your clinical efficacy and efficiency, take action NOW.

This essential tool is priced to sell at $65.00.

Yes, Dr. Weatherby — I'd like to use Your Functional Signs and Symptoms Analysis Book and take my history taking to the next level!

I understand that for only $65.00, I'll not only get a 511 page book, but I'll also get electronic copies of the Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire for use in my practice. PLUS an electronic copy of the symptom analysis and tracking forms, so I'll have all the information I need to get started right away.

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Blood Chemistry Analysis

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