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Complete Practitioner's Guide to
Take Home Testing

take home testing book
  • Use 17 take-home tests in your office... Increase your clinical efficacy.

  • use the tests as "home-work" for your patients to use between office visits... You will increase your diagnostic efficiency.

  • Use these tests as patient education tools... Increase patient compliance.

  • use these tests to increase patient referrals... Patients will tell their friends about the testing you have asked them to do between their office visits.

  • 2 take-home tests to help you see the impact that zinc deficiency has on your patients health... Learn why I use zinc testing as my gateway test for further mineral testing.

  • 4 take-home tests to educate your patients on the impact that pH imbalance has on their health.

  • Assess the integrity of your patients upper digestion... Relieve your patients' hypochlorhydria and see what an impact that has on their digestion.

  • The one test to use to assess your patients' eliminative capacity... Your patients will be amazed at what you can tell about their health after they do the Bowel transit test.

  • Master copies of all of the handouts are available as a free download.

  • Available as a fully navigatable e-book

  • 3 take-home tests that will help your patients get to the bottom of their allergies... This section is worth the price of the book... You will reduce the need for expensive allergy testing after using these handouts.

  • An extensive section on how to identify acid-alkaline imbalances in your patients.

  • Tests to monitor not only your patients’ digestion but also elimination.

  • Identify not only whether your patient is zinc deficient but also how zinc deficient.

  • A simple pH challenge test to identify not only mineral deficiencies but the state of the adrenals.

  • A full blood glucose tracking form to use with patients that you suspect have blood sugar dysregulation... Identify this problem before it becomes symptomatic.

The Complete Practitioner's Guide to Take-Home Testing has 2 main sections

  1. Section one of the book outlines each test, why you should ask your patients to do the test, detailed instructions, a full interpretive section, and a section on other diagnostic tests you might want to consider after you have the results.

  2. Section two contains the handouts themselves. Each handout gives your patients the necessary instructions to accurately perform the test.

  3. Appendix includes a full resource list of where to get the individual elements necessary for each test.

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Blood Chemistry Analysis

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